Longtime sweethearts, these two are completely at ease and obviously in love with one another. Running around with them was fun and relaxed and we explored what felt like most of the experimental farm. Our last stop I’d never even seen before and it instantly became the backdrop of my favourite shots. Scroll to the end to see!

I’ve forgotten about how Steph found my work, but her approach has been one of my favourites! She sent me an e-mail in the morning and followed up in the afternoon with a private message. I absolutely adored her enthusiasm and excitement to work with me. It made this shoot so relaxed and easy. Her and Steve are so obviously in love and comfortable together. Third wheeling them for a sunset evening was a lot of fun and we had enough time to get experimental with our locations, driving all over the farm and stopping whenever we thought something looked interesting.

I love the variety of this set and I’m looking forward to their intimate wedding in July.