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An artistic approach to loving yourself

Before I got married, I thought boudoir photography was something you did for your partner. Now, I truly believe it is something you do for yourself.

Have you ever looked for a boudoir photographer only to be met by a mob of men behind the camera with a dark style and a heavy emphasis on being "sexy". As women, we bring so much more to the table than "sex" and it's time to celebrate that!

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Let's try something new. Let's replace sexy withshe is brave, she is strong, she is kind, she is important.

Discover the modern approach to boudoir photography. Each session is crafted to create a fun and joyful experience, focusing on editorial-style photos that celebrate your grace, strength, and beauty. With plenty of direction and encouragement, I aim to leave you feeling like the radiant woman you are. Let the sunshine in, there's nothing dark or moody about these sessions!

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THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! You got these back to me so fast!!!

YOU ARE SO TALENTED!!! Thank you for making the entire process SO. MUCH. FUN. I've already raved about my experience with you to all my friends and will continue to recommend you to them!!!!!

Thank you again for such a great experience from start to finish.

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You are more beautiful than you know. You are ART.

Welcome! I'm Sarah Clarke. I'm a once wedding photographer who transitioned to boudoir in 2020. I found my joy in the quieter, more creative nature of boudoir and self-love sessions. I love that this work allows me to not only create art but cultivate a meaningful and joyful experience for other women.

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