Sarah Clarke, Denver CO

Whatever you do, do with love

I'm a person of many passions and pursuits. With everything I do, I always come back to my love for photography and my core goal of making life a little more beautiful.

There will always be an excuse to wait but you will never regret doing it now.

They will only be this young, once. You will only buy your first home, once. You will only live this perfect moment, surrounded by friends in your backyard at a first birthday party, once!

Every year, I do a printed yearbook of all our favorite moments from the months past. Because of this I take my camera with me as often as I can, and when I don't I tell myself I have my phone. But it's never the same, and I always wish I'd taken more pictures when I reflect on the year.

I don't want this to be your regret, so do it now! Book the photographer, take out your phone, snap the picture and soak it all in. Let every year become "the good old days".

This is Us

Somehow these two Canadians ended up in Denver, CO and we couldn't be more obsessed. I love exploring Colorado and it's surrounding states, with my husband Cody, and our trusty RAV4. I take my camera on every trip and am always in awe of this beautiful country once I get home to edit.

I love to be on the go with a full calendar. Working from home all day means I crave people in the afternoons and look forward to a good iced coffee and walk, dinner date, movie night or weekend hike. This is why photography is such a gift; more opportunities to do fun things with fun people.

My Life


While I've been shooting weddings and boudoir and working with families, couples and entrepreneurs for over six years, I'm a graphic designer by trade and training. I'm never sure which I love more—design or photography—and am obsessed with creating myself a job that combines both in equal measures.

Fun Life

The stuff that makes me happy—my husband (obvi) but I love doing anything that makes the world a little more beautiful and welcoming. I adore having people over, and love being outside, going on any sort of trip (road trips, day trips, camping trips) creating art, interior design, hiking, snowboarding, golfing, basketball, boating, and thrifting. I especially love doing any of those things with my friends and family.

Odds & Ends

– Maynards Fuzzy Peaches are my weakness.
– Big podcast and audiobook girl, I cannot live in silence.
– I love True Crime podcasts and documentaries.
– I've designed a NASCAR (4 actually).
– My alternate dream job is becoming an interior designer for boutique hotels and restaurants.
– I'm addicted to Facebook Marketplace.

Family Life

When I was nine I told everyone I was never getting married! Lucky for me I changed my mind and I married my husband Cody in August 2019. After 3 years of dating long-distance in two different countries, it was a dream come true. We complement each other so well, him with an emphasis on logic and organization (he's an engineer) and me with a very intuitive, feeling personality. We both love to create and encourage one another in our pursuits. He's my favorite person in the entire world. I genuinely wish everyone got to experience marriage the way I do. What a gift!


Admittedly, I am one of those weird people obsessed with taking personality quizzes. I find them so interesting and helpful in recognizing and addressing your quirks, weaknesses, and strengths.
I'm an enneagram 4W3. I can be super emotional, deeply feeling and a little moody. Sounds intense. But, I present as a 3 a lot, I like setting goals, meeting them and accomplishing things. I'm very much an ambivert and love working with and meeting new people. I have a passion for creativity and marriage and helping couples find the best in themselves and each other. I love creating a space that is beautiful and welcoming. Whether that space lives online, is a physical location, or is just an environment that people feel free to be themselves. Photography has given me the perfect outlet to interact with wonderful folks and make something truly special in capturing YOU!

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