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An artistic approach to loving yourself

Self Love Sessions


My sessions are designed to evoke so much more than "sex" or "sexiness" as a woman.

They're about self-expression, empowerment, and whatever makes you feel the most you.

This is why I love to start the experience by getting to know you, listening to your story, and learning your why. This will help set the tone of the shoot and make the final result much more personal. It's our chance to dream together.

Before I got married I thought boudoir was something you did for your partner, now I firmly believe you do it for yourself.

My first experience with boudoir photography was a session my friend shared with me and the rest of her bridesmaids. I couldn't get over how stunning it was and knew immediately I would also be doing one. And I'm so glad I did! The confidence I experienced during that shoot and the way my girlfriends made me feel like an absolute queen when I showed them the results... Oh my, I got more hype from them than my husband!

As a wedding photographer, it was just a matter of time until I transitioned to boudoir. I fell in love with it immediately. Getting to focus my time, energy, and creativity on one person brought me more joy and inspiration than a wedding ever had. I love getting to cultivate a meaningful experience for every woman who walks in. Whether it's crafting a gift for a loving partner, celebrating her body and its strength, or restoring her relationship with herself, each experience is so unique and inspiring. While boudoir is definitely my primary focus I love working with couples, and still photographer the occasional small wedding.

What to expect

Get in Touch

So you decided you want to book with me! What's next? First, get in touch. If you have any questions this is a great time to bring them up. From there we'll chat about what kind of shoot you'd like, and what the purpose is. We can discuss acquiring hair and makeup (if desired), I'll advise you on the prop and wardrobe styling and we'll finalize a date and location.

Getting Ready

Ensure you're your most fabulous self by drinking lots of water and moisturizing the week leading up to the shoot. Test makeup looks, try on outfits, and play with your hair. If you're doing your own hair and makeup a good self-tanner and fake lashes go a long way! On the day of the shoot avoid wearing any tight clothing to minimize skin indentation or marking.

The Shoot

This is the fun part! You walk in and I'll be there to say hello and hug you if you're a hugger. I'll give you a quick tour of the space and you'll a chance to show off the looks you brought. We'll pick one outfit to start with and I'll let you change while I turn on the music. The next 45m will fly by as I direct and encourage you through the shoot. You can even bring a friend to cheer you on!


You did it! Now you just have a 2-3 week wait as I review your photos and pick the very best. I'll do some light editing for color, and do minor skin touch-ups if you desire. You'll receive a protected digital gallery you can download from with at least 100 photos. You also have the option to order a stunning album through me, or I can provide you with information to build your own.


Do you provide lingerie?

Not yet, but it's the perfect opportunity for you to pick something new for yourself! I'm so happy to provide styling advice with your wardrobe selection and props. Bodysuits are super flattering on every body type. Avoid anything with excessive straps or ties for a clean, modern look. I do provide a few fun props like hats, men's wear shirts or jackets as well as delicate robes.

Do I have to worry about posing?

Not at all. I will demonstrate poses, talk you through each step and encourage you the entire time!

How can I work with you?

Send me an email! I'm always happy to answer questions and want to help make your dream shoot come true. We'll start the planning process via email. We can then jump on a phone call to finish the conversation and finalize plans.

Where do you work?

I'm based in Denver, CO, and enjoy shooting at the Denver Photo Collective Studio in Lakewood. While the studio makes a great neutral background I'd love to help you create your dream shoot in a custom location. As long as there is good natural light the opportunities are endless. Send me an email and let's start dreaming!

Do you provide makeup?

Makeup is not included in the sessions, but if you want it done professionally before your shoot treat yourself! If you’re getting married, it could be the perfect time to ask for a trial from your bridal artist. We can also discuss acquiring a hair and makeup artist and adding it to your package.

How many pictures do I get?

I guarantee 100 images, plus one or two fun surprises. You receive your images in a beautiful, online gallery you can view, download and share with someone special.

Editing and Gallery Delivery

Because you pay upfront as soon as I'm done editing I will email you your gallery with immediate access to download. I go through all the photos we took, pick the best ones, the most flattering angles and edit them for a warm even look. I will also do some minor skin touch-ups if you desire. This process takes 2-3 weeks :)

Kind Words

Sarah made me feel so comfortable and confident! It was my first boudoir shoot ever and she walked me through the whole thing! Book with her now!


It's not just about creating pretty images, it's about creating space for you to feel. Feel strong, graceful, powerful, fearless, free, wild, unstoppable, and amazing! Whatever makes you feel like art, whatever makes you feel something more.

More Questions? Ask away!

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