Downtown Lynchburg

Cole and Julie were one of the first couples I met in Lynchburg when Cody and I were still dating. We met them for breakfast at Blue Ridge Bagel and chatted through the meal. We talked about the likelihood of marriage and listened to one another's stories. It was the perfect first double date.

What no one knew at the time; is that we’d all be engaged by the new year! And that I’d be moving to Lynchburg just over a year later! I took these photos of them September 2019 just after I had officially moved to Lynchburg and only a few months before their own wedding. I’m so thankful to now call them some of my closest friends and that I got to capture this tiny part of their relationship. They’re one of the most enthusiastic, joyful and competitive couples I’ve ever met and I absolutely love them for it. Now we get to do double dates with them all the time!